Flows from the field: HTTP requests; Geolocations; Cascading records; CSV data; Multiple values

June 13 2019

In our latest Microsoft Flow roundup, we take a look at invoking HTTP requests, changing geolocation data, managing cascading records and more.

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Invoking an HTTP request from Flow

While preparing for a presentation, Jim Novak, writing with the Futurez Consulting blog, decided to test invoking an HTTP request from Flow. In this case, his goal was to invoke a Function App with the HTTP Flow action—drawing the Function App from a sample created for an earlier project that populates PDFs with CRM data. Building off of this initial approach, Novak decided to essentially download a file in Flow and make it an Outlook attachment.

His three-part flow kicked off with a trigger when a new note is created. It invokes an HTTP Flow Action and lastly emails a PDF. A system user would need to enable emailing under their personalized settings to get the steps to work in Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement. He wrote:

I put this entire Flow together in about 15 minutes, and it worked on the first try! (As a developer, I NEVER expect it to work on the first try!) This tells me that the Flow engine is aware of the content type being returned by the HTTP get and can handle it properly when moving between the actions. The Actions know how to work with the files between the source HTTP Action and the next Outlook email Action.

Changing geolocations from Dynamics records to SQL with Flow

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