Ignite 2021: Making the most of Azure Data and AI capabilities

March 2 2021

As Microsoft Ignite 2021 got underway, Microsoft emphasized the need for agility gained with low-latency apps and data insights. Azure Data corporate vice president Rohan Kumar shared some of the key announcements for data and AI that partners and customers should know about.

The introduction of Synapse Pathway—and the quest for improved migrations

Microsoft aims to bridge the gaps between big data analytics, enterprise data warehousing, and data analytics with the introduction of Azure Synapse Pathway. The goal of the new service is to streamline the migration process. Kumar wrote:

With a few clicks, customers can scan their source systems and automatically translate their existing scripts into TSQL. What used to take weeks or months can now be accomplished in minutes. Starting today, customers can migrate from Teradata, Snowflake, Netezza, AWS Redshift, SQL Server, and Google BigQuery and get up and running with Azure Synapse faster than ever.

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