Microsoft acquires CloudKnox Security for unified privileged access

July 22 2021

Microsoft announced the acquisition of CloudKnox, a venture-funded cloud infrastructure entitlement management company.

The purchase will help Microsoft address customer access management blind spots in across cloud services according to Microsoft Identity CVP Joy Chik

With its CloudKnox acquisition, Microsoft plans to boost Azure AD capabilities with unified privileged access management, identity governance and entitlement management. This will include automated access policy enforcement, ML-based anomaly detection, and integration with Sentinel and Defender.

"Our acquisition of CloudKnox, like our recent acquisition announcements on RiskIQ and ReFirm Labs, shows our focus and execution in acquiring, integrating and expanding the strongest defenses for our customers — from chip to cloud — backed by more than 3,500 defenders at Microsoft and the more than 8 trillion security signals we process every day. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help empower and defend the future of hybrid work and multi-cloud environments, providing essential visibility, control and monitoring Zero Trust demands," wrote Chik.

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