Microsoft and F5 launch NGINX for Azure

May 25 2022

Microsoft and F5 have partnered to offer NGINX for Azure to support customer high performance computing scenarios.

The move was based on customer requests for a native Azure SaaS NGINX experience, according to teh companies.

The new option is intended to reduce complexity. It comes integrated with Azure, with rapid provisioning through Azure portal. Developers are able to use advanced traffic management features, like JSON Web Token authentication or active health checks, and leverage built-in security integrations like Azure Key Vault around SSL/TLS certificate management. Additionally, the offering provides native GitHub CI/CD workflows and Monitor to visualize metrics. Customers have the option of Azure Consumption Commitment billing.

“If modern apps are at the center of your business strategy, and you’re leveraging the cloud to contain costs and more quickly achieve your digital transformation goals, NGINX for Azure is a simple and cost‑efficient way to turbocharge your efforts and deliver supreme value to your customers. You also gain competitive advantage by ideally positioning your organization for the growth and expansion your continuing success requires,” wrote Chris Guzikowski, product marketing manager at F5.

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