Microsoft announces acquisition of Miburo to counter cyber threats

June 14 2022

Microsoft announced that it will acquire Miburo, a cyber threat analysis and research company that specializes in countering foreign information operations. Miburo, under the leadership of its founder Clint Watts will become a part of the Customer Security and Trust organization.

Currently, Microsoft is very active at detecting foreign cyber threats—including during the war in Ukraine. It collects and analyzes data to disrupt cyber attacks by nation-states. Miburo is specialized in the area of foreign information operations and is viewed by Microsoft as a valuable asset to expand its capabilities with experts specializing in 16 different languages. Microsoft corporate vice president Tom Burt wrote:

Working in close collaboration with the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, our Threat Context Analysis team, our data scientists and others, the new analysts from Miburo will enable Microsoft to expand its threat detection and analysis capabilities to address new cyber-attacks and shed light on the ways in which foreign actors use information operations in conjunction with other cyber-attacks to achieve their objectives…With the acquisition of Miburo, we will continue our mission to take action, and to partner with others in the public and private sectors to find long-term solutions that will stop foreign adversaries from threatening public and private sector customers and, in fact, the very foundations of our democracy.

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