Microsoft announces Azure for Operators updates, partner progress

March 5 2022

Microsoft shared new details on the telecommunications-focused Azure for Operators this week, including the launch of hybrid cloud Distributed Services offering.

The company plans to have the new service run either on Azure or AT&T on-prem. Currently, Operator Distributed Services can support AT&T’s core mobile network, including 60 containerized network functions and VNFs from 15 different vendors.

Microsoft also issued Azure Operator 5G Core in private preview. Available as a private MEC solution, the offering is intended to support secure and scalable deployments of private 4G and 5G networks at the network edge.

The announcements arrived this week around the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. Microsoft launched Azure for Operators in September 2020 and has worked to expand its vision for network operators in the time since. AT&T announced in June 2021 their plans to use the platform

Jason Zander, EVP for Strategic Missions and Technologies at Microsoft shared details about the Distributed Services offering and how it fits into the broader Azure services architecture., writing:

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