Microsoft Azure Insights: Event Hubs; Service Bus; Azure Sentinel; Dedicated Host; Cloud Shell; SSRS

August 13 2019

This week: Microsoft Azure pros share their insights about working with Sentinel, Dedicated Host and Cloud Shell, comparisons between Event Hubs and Service Bus and more.

Comparing Event Hubs and Service Bus

Surya Venkatasubramanian, writing on the Serverless360 blog, compared Event Hubs and Service Bus. Event Hubs draws in millions of events with very high throughput and low latency. "…It allows the 'Senders' to pass a message with high throughput and streamlines it in the partitions," he wrote, adding that it interoperates easily with Power BI, Azure Storage and Stream Analytics. It is particularly useful for transaction processing, telemetry, logging and data archiving.

By contrast, Service Bus is a JSON, XML and text message transfer hub with basic, standard and premium pricing tiers. According to Venkatasubramanian, Service Bus has one-to-one message queues, storing messages for a receiver to collect, as well as one-to-many topics messages. He wrote:

Event Hubs focuses more on event streaming whereas Service Bus is more focused on high-value enterprise messaging, which means the latter is focused on messages rather than events.

Getting started with Azure Sentinel

Joe Carlyle, writing on WeDoAzure, explained how to get started with Azure Sentinel. Users start by enabling Sentinel and a workspace by way of the Azure portal and then activate a data connector. Within Sentinel, Azure AD sign-in log overview is almost immediately available with built-in dashboards or the option to create custom ones. Microsoft provides sample queries on GitHub to help users set Log Analytics-style detection rules.

Sentinel enables Playbooks, based on Logic Apps, to respond to alerts. Carlyle hasn't tried out hunting queries yet. He encouraged other users to try out Sentinel in-preview and see if it's a good fit for their tenant.

Looking into Azure Dedicated Host

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