Microsoft to bolster Cloud for Healthcare with Truveta data platform investment & partnership

September 29 2021

Truveta, a data platform company owned and governed by healthcare providers, will run on Azure and will take an investment from Microsoft. Truveta will also become a Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare partner.

Truveta claims its platform will represent tens of millions of patients and thousands of care facilities across 40 states in the US. It holds billions of de-identified datapoints, including medical records, images and genomics, with data refreshed daily. It is a "tax paying entity" that can be licensed "for ethical medical research, not to be used to target advertising to patients or physicians."

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Current Truveta members accounts for at least 15 percent of US healthcare system's patient care. The company took a Series A funding round from its members worth $95 million, according to a July 2021 announcement.

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