Microsoft Cloud Profile: An Azure MVP's journey with continuous improvement

February 23 2021

Daron Yöndem started his company Deveload in 2004 and just four years later he received the first of 13 Microsoft MVP awards. As a member of the Solliance partner network, which provides cloud solutions to enterprises globally, Yöndem's firm was an early adopter of several Microsoft Azure services. Some of those services, like CosmoDB and serverless tools, have now become well-established. And as the business has evolved, Yöndem explained to MSCloudNews, he has maintained a dual focus: building client solution on carefully selected cloud services while also supporting an engineering organization that can continue to be efficient and productive as tools and platforms evolve.

From CMS to broader solution development

Yöndem started Deveload in Istanbul as a software shop delivering tailor-made content management solutions based on a product that the company built.

After the first couple of years, we started doing consultancy and training focusing on early adoption technologies [from Microsoft's development and cloud stack]. We found ourselves using the new technology and being asked to join external projects as a subject matter expert. That transitioned the company into primarily a consultancy business for the rest of the time.  

Although Deveload primarily serves customers in the Middle East and Africa, the company has clients worldwide thanks to their growing set of expertise.

Today, we have more expertise under our belt than ever. We help organizations not only build software projects but teams and a culture that can maintain and continuously innovate, moving their products forward. 

And he credits his work with Solliance as expanding his exposure to other experts around the world.

My work at Solliance has a mix of roles and responsibilities. I'm part of Solliance's data and AI practice, helping on customer projects and training deliveries. Solliance is a partner network with amazing people, all top-notch experts from around the globe. To me it's a membership to an elite club, more than a job.

A focus on process

For Yöndem, creating a process-focused company and engineering culture around continuous improvement is his passion.

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