Microsoft Inspire 2021 session wrap-up: Cloud to edge; Migration and modernization; Data and AI

July 16 2021

A look back at some significant Microsoft Inspire 2021 sessions from cloud and edge to data and AI.

Cloud to edge innovation: Uptime, compute cost, and developer support

Erin Chapple and Rohan Kumar hosted the session "Innovate from cloud to edge on your own terms." To achieve improved efficiency, Chapple recommends companies think about Spot VMs to access unused Azure compute at a discount. Technical debt and outdated apps can slow a customer's performance in increase security risks. Chapple said:

Our promise to customers, is 99.99 percent uptime for single instance VMs. But our VM uptime is even better and comes in at 99.996 percent based on the rolling 12-month average, demonstrating our commitment to high availability.

She touted Azure's 35 compliance certifications and hybrid workplace enablement with Azure Virtual Desktop. The speakers also focused attention on the first-party Azure SQL service general availability for Azure Arc, Stack HCI, and a slate of five partner advanced specializations.

Based on the feedback we've heard from the community, we introduced a significant expansion to our free tier offering. Application developers will now get 25 gigabytes of storage and up to 1,000 Rus of through put, completely free every month for the lifetime of their account.

This together with Cosmos DB and serverless functions capabilities is intended to support developers creating scalable microservices. Additionally, some customers will be able to take advantage of steep discounts when carrying out Synapse migrations through the end of the year.

Server migration and modernization

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