Microsoft positions Azure Digital Twins alongside AI, mixed reality, governance: Build 2021

May 28 2021

At the Build 2021 event, Microsoft CVP of Azure IoT Sam George shared details about the opportunities surrounding Azure Digital Twins. The offering provides a way to model physical environments digitally and it can provide key functionality around monitoring.

Speaking in a Build session, George said:

You can start to predict when equipment will need servicing before it does, you can start to predict occupancy needs before they happen. Anything that you can apply software to, you can now predict its future states. The killer app for all of this is simulation. Simulation enables you to take copies of the Digital Twin. That's effectively the operational visibility of that physical environment. Make copies of it, and then run simulations on it and those simulations can then seek to find optimizations that are too complex to find by monitoring the physical environment alone…

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