NetEnrich merges with ThreatLandscape to boost Azure security

November 4 2019

California-based NetEnrich announced a merger with AI-based IT ops provider ThreatLandscape, bringing over all employees and senior management into the new organization. NetEnrich is a Microsoft Azure Gold partner, with 1500 customers throughout the US, Europe and Japan and provides AI incident management tools. With the addition of ThreatLandscape, the company plans to offer a new Digital Services Integrity platform.

"Cybersecurity has traditionally been siloed from IT in mid-market businesses and smaller enterprises. Ironically, these businesses are at the top of the risk pile due to increasing digital attack surfaces, limited security postures, and reactive cybersecurity controls. Along with NetEnrich, we can ensure that channel partners and end customers have the protection they need without sacrificing application and infrastructure uptime or performance," stated Praveen Hebbagodi, CEO of ThreatLandscape.

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