New Relic integrates its products with Azure through multi-year agreement with Microsoft

May 19 2022

New Relic, a company that offers observability services announced a multi-year commercial partnership with Microsoft. Through the agreement, customers will be able to use New Relic as their default observability platform in Azure portal. Together, the two companies plan to align their sales teams.

Through the agreement, customers will have the option to store telemetry data in Azure, leverage Azure portal integration, and be able to use committed spend to purchase New Relic. Currently, New Relic is also integrated with AWS and Google Cloud and supports open source tooling like Kubernetes, FluentD, and Prometheus.

"Not only are many of our customers using Microsoft Azure, but we are seeing a growing trend amongst our customers working across multiple clouds. With this partnership, we are strengthening our cloud strategy and accelerating our mission to inspire millions of developers to take a daily, data-driven approach to software engineering toward a future in which decisions are fueled by data – not opinion,” stated New Relic CEO Bill Staples.

“Developers have become the driving engines behind modern organizations. Our goal at Microsoft is to help them address the real-world needs of their customers with essential building blocks and infrastructure that accelerate solutions. We know there is increasing demand for great observability tools, and our partnership with New Relic will allow us to bring production telemetry tools and insights to the millions of developers building apps with Microsoft Azure and make it easier to get started with Azure for customers already using New Relic,” said Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI, Microsoft, in a statement.

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