Synectics integrates Synergy video surveillance platform with Azure

December 15 2021

Synectics announced the availability of its Synergy video surveillance offering on Azure.

Synergy  is intended to help companies managed video surveillance data across cloud and on-prem. Customers are able to write data to Azure, or automatically migrate it from on-prem storage after a set period.

According to Synectics, many other Video Surveillance as a Service providers reduce quality down to 5 fps, but it promises quality of 30 fps and up to 4K resolution, with the option to use Cognitive Services for analysis.

“By integrating its Synergy platform with Microsoft Azure, Synectics is giving its customers the freedom to adopt new ways of working. All with the highest levels of data security and control,” said Jen Nash, Director of Public Safety and Justice from Microsoft, in a statement.

“Authorized, authenticated Synergy users can receive and send data via devices connected to the cloud, meaning efficient security and operational management can move beyond the control room and into the field. Similarly, by hosting features such as incident lockers and digital evidence management virtually, organizations have a fast, secure mechanism for sharing critical data with external third parties such as police or other emergency responders,” stated Synectics’ Business Development Director, David Aindow.

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