ThinkIQ launches its offerings on Azure Marketplace

February 20 2022

ThinkIQ, a digital manufacturing transformation company announced that its Visualize, Insight, and Transform offerings are available on Azure Marketplace. The three offerings gather manufacturing data and monitoring material traceability.

The three offerings integrate with Azure Communications Services, IoT, Networking, and Storage. ThinkIQ aims to overcome data fragmentation in manufacturing.

"As supply chains are still strained globally, supply chain and material traceability has been a big priority for manufacturers and customers of ThinkIQ. ThinkIQ's solutions give customers more control of their data while extracting insights and identifying inefficiencies more quickly and accurately,” stated Brian Remmel, General Manager, Business Applications – US Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft.

"We're excited to have our ThinkIQ platforms available on Microsoft Azure to truly enable our customers to achieve Industry 4.0. Having data and insights stored on Azure provides unprecedented material traceability for manufacturers, giving them greater flexibility than ever before,” said Niels Andersen, CTO and CPO of ThinkIQ, in a statement.

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