Top 5 Microsoft Azure Articles on ERP Cloud Blog

November 16 2021

Microsoft Azure is not a single product, the Azure cloud platform is more than 200 products and cloud services designed to help businesses design new solutions. Finding out how other companies are using Azure tools can inspire new ideas to solve your own business challenges.

The ERP Cloud Blog is a group blog project of industry professionals that provide comparisons and opinions to professionals in the ERP software selection process. Here are the top five articles related to using Microsoft Azure and ERP software:

 Top Microsoft Azure AD Security Best Practices (After Deploying MFA in your Dynamics 365 Tenant) by JourneyTEAM

 Think of the Microsoft Azure AD Portal as the cloud nerve center for all your organization's identity and access management. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has become common practice, and you've probably already deployed it in your tenant. In addition to using MFA to protect your systems and employees against remote attacks, there are other best practices for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Windows Azure, and Microsoft Cloud Services that can tighten up your cloud security and reduce the risk of a breach. Read the rest of the article for the top ten security tips and considerations.

Why Are Clients Choosing Azure: 4 Reasons by Technology Management Concepts

Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud technologies used by big and small businesses nowadays. A whopping 85% of all Fortune 100 companies are on a Microsoft cloud, according to statistics. Admittedly, making a move can be a big step for your company, but after discovering all the benefits of Microsoft Azure Cloud, you'll see why the transition is worth it.

Keep reading to see these benefits and what they can mean for your organization, no matter the size.

Microsoft Azure Sentinel Overview – Intelligent Security Analytics by WebSan Solutions

Securing your company's data is essential. Businesses are constantly avoiding cyber threats, security alerts, and maintaining infrastructure. With so many things going on, your IT team can sometimes miss vital security threats. To combat this issue, Microsoft has introduced Microsoft Azure Sentinel. This SIEM tool is a cloud-native service that provides intelligent security analytics at cloud scale for your company. Read more about Microsoft Azure Sentinel and how you can protect your company's data through intelligent security analytics.

Intelligent Enforcement of Multifactor Authentication with Azure Conditional Access and Acumatica by Crestwood Associates
Active Directory (Azure AD) can be used as your identity provider for single sign-on into Acumatica. Conditional Access grants you the capabilities to enforce specific rules for authentication based on a number of criteria. This tool allows you to determine whether a login should be allowed, denied, or prompted for two-factor authentication depending on the risk level of the sign-in request. Read the article to learn more about Conditional Access, a feature of Azure Active Directory Premium P1.

New Updates to Azure AD and Additional Microsoft Solutions Discussed at JourneyTEAM Tech Insider Update by JourneyTEAM

Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used cloud services on the market. Its flexibility, agility, and affordability make it easy for businesses to build, manage, and deploy apps without the limitations of on-premises solutions. Its full integration with other Microsoft products provides teams with the modern, streamlined tools needed to survive today's competitive market. Read the article to see the recent enhancements made to Azure and how they can benefit your business.


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