Why Microsoft SMB customers should bolster security with Azure Sentinel and security tools

May 5 2021

Nearly 90 percent of all business transactions are carried out by small and medium businesses (SMBs). While these small enterprises can be nimble, their size also exposes them to heightened IT security risks. SMBs are often only one click away from the harm caused when an unsuspecting user opens a scam file.

Israeli cybersecurity company odix uses Azure and its proprietary IP in a bid to protect SMBs from these threats. Dr. Oren Eytan heads the company and spoke with MSCloudNews about the risks to SMBs and how to protect against them.

A 25-year veteran of the Israel Defense Force (IDF), Eytan headed the IDF's cybersecurity before taking a leading role in Israel's cybersecurity-centric "Silicon Wadi" tech industry. While large enterprises may have teams trained and ready to respond to threats, including the financial backing to rebuild from damaging attacks, SMBs often go out of business within six months of an attack.

According to Eytan, an astonishing 94 percent of SMB attacks start with a malicious email. And the Microsoft ecosystem isn't immune—with over one million Microsoft 365 accounts compromised every month.

We decided to develop Filewall as a SaaS product. If someone asks me to do a one sentence about it: Filewall's a one-click solution for managed service providers, with a go-to-market through partners. Once we realized that the first application of Filewall would be to Exchange Online for Microsoft 365, we started developing the solution, developing on serverless and Lambda technology. We launched it in September with the goal of scalability and did joint PR with Microsoft.

odix is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and also partners with Microsoft on Graph API development. The company also received a two million euro grant from the European Commission to boost protection for SMBs. Filewall is integrated with Microsoft Sentinel and is available in AppSource and Azure Marketplace. At the moment, the company is in the process of moving its other product, NetFolder, to Azure now that it is updated from an on-prem to SaaS model.

Eytan explained that Filewall is intended to "sanitize" attached files and free up clogged sandboxes usually used to inspect incoming messages. The company claims their solution can reduce processing time from two minutes to one second.  

odix opted to price its solution at one dollar per-user-per-month and plan its go-to market around Microosft partners, VARs and ISVs eager to provide firewall with managed services.

Azure Sentinel is simple to interface with… Recently, we found a lot of phishing attacks associated with HTML files. We also built a unique algorithm that can identify whether the message is original, phishing or fake, which is embedded in our latest version of Filewall. We are working all the time, looking at what's going on in the market and responding. We have our own engines but we develop additional protection all the time.

The company recently partnered with Ingram Micro, publishing their solution on their CloudBlue marketplace for the tech distributor's service providers. They are also working closely with Interworks, a major distributor in Europe. Additionally, odix works closely with partners in the UAE, South Africa, and Chile, and sold 40,000 licenses to the largest Microsoft reseller in Israel.

SMBs don't have cyber-awareness and lack cybersecurity functions in their companies. We can transform this technology for SMBs, making it both accessible and affordable.

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