Azure Insights: AD Connect issues; AKS-Container Registry integration; Azure VMs; Tweeting with Azure Functions; Log Analytics table retention; Azure Kubernetes Service

October 23 2019

SUMMARY: Azure pros share their insights on managing Azure Kubernetes Service, troubleshooting Azure AD Connect issues, integrated AKS and Azure Container Registry and more.

Troubleshooting an Azure AD Connect issue

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken shared a recent bizarre issue with Azure AD Connect. One of Berkouwer's customers has an Active Directory Domain Services Environment with one Active Directory environment, synchronized to Azure AD with Azure AD Connect. Users have to authenticate to Azure AD with Active Directory Federation Services. For easier management, the customer implemented a Staging Mode Azure AD Connect server, which is when the problems began. Azure AD Connect recognized the credentials but came up with an error.

To troubleshoot, Berkouwer checked many different factors including DNS, if there were open ports to communicate with domain controllers or Azure AD outputs. Eventually, an answer became apparent:

Enterprise Admins privileges may be needed for Azure AD Connect configuration of the service account to communicate to Active Directory. Whether it makes sense or not…

Integrating Kubernetes Service and Azure Container Registry

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