Azure Insights: Azure Arc; Stack Hub; VM redeployment with CLI; Azure Monitor

November 10 2019

Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on the newly announced Azure Arc, changes afoot as Azure Stack expands to become Azure Stack Hub, redeploying VMs with CLI and more.

Arc joins the Azure portfolio

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer shared some details about Azure Arc, which burst onto the scene at the Ignite conference. Arc is the latest piece of the hybrid picture together with Stack, Update Management and File Sync. As a service, it will help to manage Kubernetes clusters at scale, run data services virtually anywhere, bridge cloud-native apps to on-prem and govern servers of all kinds.

He shared details on how to onboard servers and use Windows Admin Center. Maurer said of hybrid server management:

Today Azure Arc allows you to onboard physical and virtual servers in your hybrid environment (on-premises, edge, and multi-cloud). By joining serves [sic] to Azure Arc, you get the benefits you are used from native Azure resources, like tags, RBAC, and many more. In the preview, you can now use Azure Management services like Azure Log Analytics and Azure Policy to make sure your servers are compliant across your hybrid environment.

Connecting Azure Stack Hub with Azure DevOps

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