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July 16 2019

This week, Azure pros share their insights on Azure Bastion, working with Application Gateway and Managed Service Identity, role-based access control and more.

Considering Azure Bastion

Just a few weeks after the announcement of Azure Bastion, Richard Hooper shared his thoughts on the new service, on his blog Pixel Robots. Azure Bastion is a PaaS system, in-preview, intended to expand SSH and RDP access to VMs from within Azure Portal. According to Hooper, many users are already somewhat familiar with this approach, although they may know it as a jump box or Remote Desktop Gateway. With Bastion, Microsoft offers a managed approach to security to shift the burden from end-users.

Hooper speculated that the private preview was rushed due to the accidental early release of some videos about Bastion. In his view, the system is not currently very feature rich:

For me, a few things are missing. It would be nice if this worked via vNet peering. At the time of writing this, it does not. Hopefully, it will come. I would also like to see the ability to connect to Virtual Machine Scale Sets. I have provided this feedback, so fingers crossed it will come. File transfer would be a nice feature to have also, but It would need to have the ability to turn it off. In some secure environments, this could be bad.

He added that the service might benefit from being able to record sessions and retain them in Azure Blob Storage.

Understanding Azure Application Gateway

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