Azure Insights: Bicep; Linked mailboxes; Infrastructure as Code modules; Application Gateway

January 7 2022

Microsoft Azure pros discuss creating Monitor alert rules with Bicep, the problem of disappearing linked mailboxes, Infrastructure as Code modules, and using custom domains with Application Gateway.

Setting Monitor alert rules with Azure Bicep

Tobias Zimmergren discussed the spate of Bicep templates he sees shared by fellow users. In many cases, there is little explanation of how the template was developed in the first place. He set out to detail the creation of a Bicep alert rule. Azure portal is essential for this process, showing users the effect a rule would have based on historical data.

Users start off through the UI configuring signal logic, defining the rule, and navigating to Alert Rules in Azure Monitor. From there, users can export to an ARM template, with content in JSON format that serves as the basis of a new Bicep alert rule template.

You can convert the newly exported JSON template into Bicep. When the conversion is done, we can make any modifications as we see fit in the code and commit them to our code repository…When you have converted the ARM template into a Bicep file, you should make any necessary modifications for your specific situation - then you're ready to deploy it.

Resolving the problem of disappearing linked mailboxes

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken, explored the release of Azure AD Connect v2.x, as a way to resolve linked mailbox problems. He noted that none of the updates are automatic, and each requires manual work to deploy.

Microsoft addressed a bug in version where, under certain conditions, linked mailboxes of disabled users were getting deleted…The resource forest scenario is the prime example of a situation in which you would want to associate a mailbox with an external account. In a resource forest scenario, user objects in the Exchange forest have mailboxes, but the user objects are disabled for logon. You must associate these mailbox objects in the Exchange forest with enabled user objects in the external accounts forest(s).

He explained how to download of Azure AD Connect, and noted that linked mailboxes can also “come to life” when orphaned and reattached to an Exchange mailbox.

The case for Infrastructure as Code modules

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