Azure Insights: Cosmos DB; Log Analytics queries; Custom bindings; GitHub Actions

June 13 2021

Azure pros discuss Cosmos DB, Generating CSV reports from Log Analytics queries with Logic Apps, custom bindings, and GitHub Actions with Stack.

Making sense of Cosmos DB

Vidya, writing on the WhizLabs blog explored the ins and outs of Azure Cosmos DB. A schema-free database offering designed for highly scalable and redundant apps, it supports real-time usage by apps, as well as automatic patching and management. Other key features include multi-API support, advanced security, high availability, and low latency.

To get started, customers should create a free tier account, select an Azure subscription and resource group, and choose between five different APIs: SQL, Core API, MongoDB, Gremlin, and Cassandra. From there, customers can choose multi-region writes, setup containers, add data and items, and query data. Vidya wrote:

It is a complete application building package that ensures a faster response time and high-end performance for your app. You just need to understand the fundamentals and dedicated steps associated with it to learn the right ways of implementing Cosmos DB.

Generating CSV reports from Log Analytics queries with Logic Apps

Thomas Thornton looked at how to create CSV reports with Log Analytics queries and Logic Apps, demoing a basic workflow. He set a daily recurrence time, and arranged three queries to run with Log Analytics. The newly created CSV tables can be grouped together as .csv attachments and sent by email.

Every CSV table contains a value reference for its respective query. Running the process, Thornton found that it ran within seconds, sending the attachments to his email.

How to use custom bindings with Functions .NET Isolated Worker

Martin Balliauw wrote that users building workloads with Azure Functions commonly look into custom bindings, which slim down the amount of code that needs to created so that users can focus on the function's logic instead. The advent of .NET 5 and Functions .NET Isolated Worker has undermined the effectiveness of many custom bindings.

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