Azure Insights: DevOps Pipelines; v2 endpoints

November 19 2021

Microsoft Azure pros discuss deploying sample apps with DevOps Pipelines, Terraform, and AKS, and Microsoft eliminates support for v2 endpoints with AD Connect v1.x.

Deploying sample apps with DevOps Pipelines, Terraform, and AKS

Thomas Thornton explained how to display Terraform code in Azure DevOps using a DevOps pipeline and then deploy a sample app. He set up Terraform code using Terraform modules. Thornton planned out his DevOps pipeline to reference multiple templates, with five stages and three possible actions.

Demoing the code, he noted that the five stages include: validate, plan, apply, bootstrap, and destroy. The bootstrap phase deploys a test app with Application Gateway ingress into AKS.

Once the bootstrap stage has been completed, the test application will be deployed. Viewing the services and ingresses in Azure, you will notice an ingress azure-vote-front with external IP…Accessing the External IP , will load the test voting application.

Microsoft eliminates support for v2 endpoints with AD Connect v1.x

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken, examined Microsoft’s recent announcement that v2 endpoints for Azure AD Connect will no longer support versions running 1.5x and 1.6x. Recently, Microsoft launched a new endpoint API for AD Connect intended to sync service operations with Azure AD.

Azure AD Connect v2 defaults to the v2 endpoint, but earlier Azure AD Connect versions can use it, too, if configured to do so. When organizations use the new v2 endpoint, they'll experience noticeable performance gains on exports and imports to Azure AD…Now might be a good time to upgrade Azure AD Connect to version 2.

Currently, v2 is available globally including the US Gov and China clouds. It improves the ability to sync groups with up to 250,000 members and boosts import-export to AD. He explained how to determine which endpoint Azure AD uses as well as how to switch back the v1 endpoint if needed.

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