Azure Insights: Key Vault; Sentinel; DevOps; Local user accounts; Resource Group setup

May 24 2021

Azure pros discuss sensitive operations with Key Vault and Sentinel, DevOps, disabling local user accounts, and setup for Resource Groups.

Sensitive operations with Key Vault and Sentinel

Microsoft MVP Tobias Zimmergren delved into the ways that Key Vault Security workbooks help structure sensitive operations. But customers can gain additional insights through automatic ingestion of data from Azure Sentinel. To trial this process, customers need connectors for both Security Center and Key Vault, as well as SecurityAlert and AzureDiagnostics.

Navigating to a list of templates, Zimmergren selected the Azure Defender for Key Vaults coverage, setting a scope and time range to view alerts on a customized time line. A second tab offers an overview of diagnostic logs, including anomalies and baselines. The workbook's Mass Secret Retrieval option shows less read-intensive vaults used to store backup encryption keys. Alternatively, users can pull on the Operation analysis, Logarithmic and Linear options to get a sense of what operations have been carried out. He wrote:

The third and final tab of this workbook contains Key Vault monitoring insights. These insights are useful when you want to understand the health across all your vaults in all your subscriptions, for example. We can expand each Key Vault in the treeview and see more insights for the operations that was performed in the given time frame.

Making sense of Azure DevOps

Writing on the WhizLabs blog, Vidya explored the capabilities of Azure DevOps. Designed as a DevOps toolset for developers, the service can be accessed on-prem or through the cloud. The offering provides a range of different work processes like planning, development, build, integrations, packaging, testing, releasing, deploying, configuration, monitoring, and reporting.

These options are delivered through five different DevOps services including Boards, Pipelines, Repos, Test Plans and Artifacts. She wrote:

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