Azure Insights: Maintenance window; AKS; Landing Zones

February 20 2023

Azure pros discuss using DevOps Pipeline to support a Logic Apps maintenance window, best practices for Azure Kubernetes Service, and using Landing Zones for cloud migrations.

Using DevOps Pipeline to support a Logic Apps maintenance window

Microsoft MVP Mike Stephenson explained that in a weekend server upgrade maintenance window came up in a recent project. During the maintenance window, in the midst of a larger integration project, Stephenson and his colleagues needed to take Logic App integrations offline. For the project, Logic Apps either listened to a Service Bus queue for prompts to call an API or run on a set schedule, calling an API at defined times.

Fortunately, either approach can be changed around a maintenance window. According to Stephenson, his team set up a DevOps pipeline to control the disable and enable process. He shared code samples for PowerShell for the DevOps configuration.

Best practices for Azure Kubernetes Service

Viswa Elamaran, writing on the Serverless360 blog, explored best practices when using Azure Kubernetes Service. AKS is a managed open-source container orchestration service with support for scalability and rapid provisioning. A Kubernetes cluster is a collection of nodes running containerized apps, managed by a master node. A variety of components are available in the master and worker nodes including Control Manager, API Server, and Scheduler. Kubelet runs communications, ensuring containers run as intended, whereas Kube-proxy manages network connectivity.

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