Azure Insights: ScoutSuite with DevOps Pipelines; Arc Connected Machine Agent; Logic Apps; Node pool passwords

May 9 2021

Azure pros discuss how to use ScoutSuite with DevOps Pipelines, the Arc Connected Machine Agent, how Logic Apps uses API Management, and node pool passwords.

Using ScoutSuite with DevOps Pipelines

Thomas Thornton explored how to run ScoutSuite with Azure DevOps Pipelines. ScoutSuite is an open-source security auditing tool for multi-cloud environments, available through GitHub. He set out to run ScoutSuite, outputting to a Storage Account static website. After creating his configuration setup he stored the service principal details in Key Vault, and demoed the static website setup.

Thornton shared the script for the pipeline. Once running, Azure DevOps displays each task referenced to users.

Understanding the Arc Connected Machine Agent

Microsoft senior cloud advocate Thomas Maurer discussed Arc-enabled servers, which allow users to add on-prem servers (or those running with other cloud providers). To begin onboarding, users need to install the connected machine agent, also known as the Arc agent, using Linux or Windows Server. Once this is installed, users are able to run commands to manage the machine.

Maurer explained that the Connected Machine agent package has several different logical components including Guest Configuration, a VM extension management tool, and the Hybrid Instance Metadata Service. He discussed the installation and management process, encouraging users to explore Microsoft Docs to learn more.

How Logic Apps uses API Management in App Insights Logs

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