Azure Insights: Storage account setup; AKS, ExternalDNS; Stack Hub HCI

June 28 2021

Azure pros discuss Storage account setups with Terraform, AKS and ExternalDNS, and Stack Hub HCI deployments.

Setting up an Azure Storage account with Terraform

A contributor to the Learn IT and DevOps blog shared how to create an Azure Storage account with the current day's date, using Terraform. Currently, Terraform provides a number of built-in functions by default, but users can also create their own.

The author shared a code sample for the setup, leveraging a built-in time stamp function to set the present date and time. Subsequently, the built-in function formatdate controls how the date will look. Users should be aware that Azure has some naming limitations, so it may make sense to format the date in lowercase.

AKS and ExternalDNS

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