Azure Insights: Terraform workspaces; PodDisruptionBudget; AKS HCI

December 16 2020

Azure pros share their tips on Terraform workspaces, PodDisruptionBudget and Kubernetes Service HCI.

Taking control of Terraform workspaces

Thorsten Hans explained that Terraform workspaces are a useful and powerful building block for Terraform projects. Workspaces act as an isolation layer for Terraform state files. In fact, workspaces are key to managing multiple independent environments with one Terraform project. According to Hans, users have the option of local or remote state backends. Commonly, users create scoped names for resources and provision Azure Resource Groups with Terraform. Microsoft enforces a unique name restriction for Resource Groups within an Azure subscription. He wrote:

Every Terraform project comes with a workspace out of the box. When you call terraform init, Terraform implicitly creates a new workspace. The name of this workspace is always default. However, you can quickly create a custom workspace using the terraform workspace new command…You can bring in workspaces also for existing Terraform projects. If you already have a state file, use the state option to copy the existing state into the new workspace.

Hans went over how to display current workspaces, list available workspaces, switch or remove workspaces.

Using PodDisruptionBudget on Kubernetes Service

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