Azure Insights: Third party networks; Monitor; Diagnostic logs

March 7 2023

Azure pros discuss connecting to a third party network from Azure, weighing the pros and cons of Azure Monitor, and pulling diagnostic logs for an Azure resource.

Connecting to a third party network from Azure

Aidan Finn looked into ways to connect to a third party network from Azure using NAT. In some projects, a customer may not want to use Private Link or an API. Using a VPN can be more challenging because users have less control over configuration and an externally owned firewall.

In one scenario, a third party will make a connection using NAT to translate a private Azure address to a public address, routed over a private connection. This scenario is useful when using ExpressRoute or a VPN configuration not supported by Azure. Alternatively, a third party might try using an AWS relay, an Azure relay, a VPN Gateway with NAT, or NVA with NAT. Finn discussed the particulars of each of these scenarios and the pros and cons of each.

Weighing the pros and cons of Azure Monitor

Amrita Varsihini, writing on the Serverless360 blog, explored the pros and cons of using Azure Monitor. The Monitor offering provides telemetry collection, analysis, and reporting so that users can respond proactively to problems in their system.

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