Azure Insights: ZRS; Hybrid Cloud Trust; Single sign-on

September 25 2022

Azure pros discuss moving an Azure Storage account to zone-redundant storage, making sense of Hybrid Cloud Trust, and setting up Azure AD Enterprise password sign-on.

Moving an Azure Storage account to zone-redundant storage

Daniel Neumann, writing on Daniel’s Tech Blog, explored how to migrate an Azure Storage account from locally redundant storage to zone-redundant storage. Users can carry out a manual or live migration. To do a live migration they need a target storage account and this might result in app downtime. Neumann explained:

When you choose the live migration option, Microsoft executes the migration for you without an application downtime and a new target storage account. Your existing storage account will be migrated from LRS to ZRS.

To launch a live migration, users need to create an Azure support ticket. When the migration is complete, the existing Storage account will use the newly created replication zone-redundant storage.

Making sense of Hybrid Cloud Trust

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken, took a look at Hybrid Cloud Trust. Hybrid Identity combines Azure multi-factor authentication (MFA), Dynamic Groups, and Access Reviews, for single sign-on and high availability. He wrote:

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