Azure Partner Roundup: French government cloud; Digital investigations; Qatari development; Industrial IoT; Blob Storage integration

June 6 2021

Partners and ISVs launch new cloud options for France and Qatar, along with new Azure tech for digital investigations, Blob Storage, and industrial IoT.

Creating cloud options for the French government

Capgemini and Orange announced the launch of "Bleu," a "Cloud de Confiance" service for the French government. Together with Microsoft, the two companies will provide an Azure and Microsoft 365-based offering for public agencies subject to French law. The initiative will host apps in isolated infrastructure within French territory, with ownership in the hands of French companies.

The project will meet the SecNumCloud security label created by the National Agency for Information Systems Security. Ultimately, Bleu will join the Gaia-X initiative to support sovereign solution creation in Europe.

"Establishing a new ‘Cloud de Confiance’ service, which should be recognized by French authorities, through a company founded and led by Capgemini and Orange, will help accelerate France’s digital transformation and meet the standards defined by the French government in its national policy. This announcement will contribute to France’s economic growth, benefit the national technology and services partner ecosystem, and support the country’s long-term success," stated Jean-Philippe Courtois, EVP and President of Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Magnet Forensics deploys digital investigations solutions in Azure

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