Azure Partner Updates: Health platform; Data continuity; MLOps

October 1 2021

Happify Health launches health platform through Azure, Datto offers data continuity, and Domino Data Lab upgrades its Enterprise MLOps platform.

Happify Health launches health platform through Azure

Happify Health, a provider of digital therapeutics for anxiety and depression announced a plan to distribute its Ensemble digital therapeutics library through Azure. The offering is targeted to Major Depressive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Digital therapeutics will be a driver in supporting access to clinical health care over the next decade,” McGuinness said. “We are pleased to support Happify with Microsoft Azure, with our capabilities in data analytics, privacy and security, and machine learning," said Tom McGuinness, Microsoft’s corporate vice president of Global Healthcare, in a statement.

“Over the past decade, Happify has invested over $100 million to optimize the delivery of clinical-grade AI-enabled, digital therapeutics that address both mental health and chronic conditions. The Microsoft Azure stack will help Happify scale the global distribution of our library of prescription digital therapeutics like Ensemble, and digital therapeutics like Heart & Mind, the digital therapeutic we’ve developed with the American Heart Association," stated Chris Wasden, Head of Pharma Specialty Solutions and Corporate Strategy, Happify Health.

Datto to offer data continuity for Azure

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