Azure Updates: Load Testing; SONiC; Databricks for Hadoop

December 6 2021

Mandy Whaley, Partner Director of Product for Microsoft Azure DevTools encouraged customers to learn how their apps behave under stress with Load Testing. This managed Azure service allows developers to create high-scale loads with Apache JMeter scripts.

Application performance and resiliency are more important than ever before. As more businesses and services move toward digitization, the impact of outages and downtimes in lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction grows. Azure Load Testing is a service that can help testers and developers who are taking on a larger role in validating app quality, performance, and scalability. Creating and managing the infrastructure required for load testing at scale can be time-consuming and complex. With Azure Load Testing, you can generate high-scale load without the need to manage complex infrastructure, and we have included Azure-specific integrations and insights so you can optimize your Azure application at scale.

Whaley explained that Load Testing integrates with Monitor, Container Insights, and Application Insights, and fits with CI/CD workflows, GitHub Actions, and Pipelines.

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