Azure Updates: NDv4 A100 series VMs; Dynatrace on Spring Cloud; Upcoming retirements

September 4 2021

Writing on Microsoft TechCommunity, Cormac Garvey shared performance considerations when working with large deep learning models on Azure NDv4 A100 series VMs. Deep learning is a subset of AI that attempts to mirror aspects of human learning for tasks as complicated as writing code or poetry. Advanced DL algorithms make this possible, powered by clusters with multiple GPUs. Garvey shared how to deploy HPC and AI clusters, picking the right image to use, and deployment options such as Azure CycleCloud, AzureML, HPC, and HPC on-Demand Platform.

Large scale DL models are becoming very complex and sophisticated being applied to many application areas. The computational and network resources to train these large modern DL models can be quite substantial. The Azure NDv4 series is designed specifically for these large scale DL computational, network and I/O requirements.

Garvey also shared ways to pin processes and threads for HPC VMs.

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