Microsoft acquires jClarity for Java workloads in Azure

August 22 2019

Microsoft is acquiring jClarity, a team of Java experts and data scientists who are the lead contributors to AdoptOpenJDK. The acquisition is intended to help Azure customers be more capable of using Java Virtual Machines and take advantage of the latest updates and optimizations. With Microsoft's blessing, the jClarity team will continue to collaborate with AdoptOpenJDK, which Microsoft has sponsored since June 2018 to help develop better interconnects with Linux and Windows.

Microsoft has expanded its usage of Java over the past few years, particularly for Minecraft and Azure HDInsight. Société Générale, Daimler and Adobe have all migrated Java workloads into Azure and the Azure team sees Java as a good fit with high adoption of Linux. Martijn Verborg, CEO of jClarity wrote on the startup's website:

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