Microsoft Azure Insights: Azure Stack Hub; App Service; Functions security; Log Analytics costs; Storage Lifecycle Management

December 14 2019

As some Azure pros shared themed Azure Advent Calendar videos, others kept up the pace of regular blogs, touching on App Service certificates, security for Azure Functions, reducing Log Analytics costs and Azure Storage Lifecycle Management.

Managing App Service certificates for Azure Stack Hub

Danny McDermott, writing on Crying Cloud, reminded fellow users about the 90 day lifespan of Lets Encrypt open source certificates used with Azure Stack Hub. This is in contrast to the more common one year certificate lifespan for those created by third-party certificate providers, so users will have to update much more often. For many though, the "how" of updating isn't particularly clear. Breaking it down into simple steps, McDermott navigated through the Admin Portal, opening the App Service blade, checking on the number of days left within the Secrets blade.

The Rotate button pulls up a new blade, through which users can input App Service defaults and file passwords. He wrote:

The whole process took between 15-20 minutes.  I wasn’t sure as I went and got a coffee! Just to check that the certificates have actually been updated, I refreshed the Secrets blade and saw that the expiry was now 90 days, per the new Lets Encrypt certs I created.

Securing Azure Functions

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