Microsoft launches web apps with Azure Web PubSub in general availability

November 17 2021

Microsoft announced the general availability of Azure Web PubSub service, first launched in preview in April. The new offering promises 99.9 percent availability with its SLA and is on offer in the US and Canada, West Europe, North Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia East, and both Japan East and West.

It comes with added Active Directory support, private endpoint support, expanded REST APIs, CLI changes, subprotocol improvements, and GraphQL subscription support. Principal program manager Yulin Shi wrote:

We’re providing triggers and bindings so customers can integrate Azure Web PubSub with Azure Functions more easily. Serverless applications have many unique use cases including live data updates and other real-time scenarios. With the Azure Functions binding, the Azure Web PubSub Service can be used seamlessly in a serverless environment on Azure. Check out a quick tutorial for creating a serverless notification app with Azure Functions binding. Besides Azure Functions integration, we’re also providing integration with other Azure services like Azure Static Web Apps, Azure API Management, Azure Application Gateway, and Azure Monitor so customers can build end-to-end solutions with Azure.

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