Searching enterprise systems with Azure tools: Sinequa expands Microsoft footprint

June 15 2021

The process of searching new information follows a familiar pattern for many people: typing keywords into a powerful search engine. But the process of searching for internal documents is often much more challenging, with capabilities that often lag those of the public web by decades.

Microsoft partner Sinequa recently announced its Intelligent Enterprise Search, available for Azure, and Jeff Evernham, VP of Product Strategy, discussed the company's approach with MSCloudNews.

Evernham said he still sees many companies mired in the past when it comes to finding the right internal data.

When you're at work, and you want to search for something internally what do you do? There's usually a pause, most companies look around on shared drives and Exchange or call people. When we go to work it's like we're stepping back in time 20 years. Regardless of what format it's in, you can locate information through one single interface.

Sinequa aims to save time for customers, avoiding time consuming processes like logging into an invoicing or customer support system to see tickets. To get the job done, their search engine uses of combination of proprietary IP and Azure services, such as Cognitive Services. For instance, the Speech to Text Cognitive Service comes integrated with APIs to help make sense of stored text.

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