Why Governmental Agencies Are Seeking Security in the Cloud

July 21 2021

Last spring, the world watched as the SolarWinds hack compromised roughly 100 companies, including giants like Intel and Cisco. The private sector, however, is not the only target of cyberattacks, and more recently, cybercriminals have directly targeted federal and state agencies.

In June, a hacking group breached the computer systems of New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Hackers also crashed the state of Alaska’s Courtview system, as well as the state’s health department and other agencies. Attacks like these have motivated many governmental agencies to seek security solutions by migrating to the cloud.

Why move to the cloud?

For many governmental agencies, the consequences of a cyberattack go beyond the theft of personal information. In some cases, governmental systems going down can put lives at risk. Agencies also must deal with a higher level of security compliance than the private sector in many cases. And as legacy systems continue to age, the funding and personnel required to keep them stable and reliable becomes an even greater risk.

With these concerns in mind, agencies are increasingly evaluating the cloud as a way to cover a host of their current and future needs.

How does the cloud help protect systems from cyberattack?

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