Azure Partner Roundup: SQL data tool; Analytics; Kubernetes specialization

May 14 2021

In this article: Datametica launches a SQL data tool, KX partners with Microsoft, and GlobalLogic garners Kubernetes advanced specialization.

Datametica launches SQL data tool

Datametica announced the launch of its Pelican offering in Azure Marketplace. Intended to compare heterogeneous data across SQL data stores, it offers table, column and cell-level comparison. Created with the aim of weaning off of legacy data stores, the offering can run for both old and new systems.

"Based on our history working with Teradata, Oracle, Hadoop, Netezza, and other legacy solutions, and have moved them to Microsoft Azure; we have built automation products for migrating faster and at lower risk & cost. We support system integrators and customers around the world with one of the best routes to the cloud," stated Dr Phil Shelley, co-founder and president of Datametica.

KX partners with Microsoft

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