Microsoft Azure Insights: Routing tables; MFA & Conditional Access; App Service Diagnostics; Container Instances

July 12 2020

Microsoft Azure pros share their insights on routing table changes, multi-factor authentication dos and don'ts, App Service Diagnostics and ways to programmatically managed Container Instances.

Shifting multi-factor authentication trusted IPs to Conditional Access Named Locations

Microsoft MVP Sander Berkouwer, writing on The Things That Are Better Left Unspoken took a closer look at Azure Multi-Factor Authentication's Trusted IP feature. It bypasses MFA when users sign-in from predefined "safe" IP address ranges. Instead of using this option, however, Berkouwer stated that Named Locations is a better feature to use.

Named Locations have wide-ranging advantages like Conditional Access controls for non-MFA scenarios, IPv6 support, handling for federated users and granular controls to drill down to particular users and devices. To make the switch, users should delete trusted IPs, define a Conditional Access policy and set MFA exclusions.

Leveraging App Service Diagnostics

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