Sinequa launches Workplace Search, expanding Microsoft cloud partnership

February 15 2023

Sinequa, a Paris-based enterprise search platform provider, announced the availability of their new Workplace Search offering, which works with Microsoft Azure. The offering uses natural language processing and natural language understanding to sift through internal documents.

Alana Cento, Director of Product Marketing at and Laurent Fanichet, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Sinequa spoke with MSCN about the launch and their work with Microsoft. Cento explained the importance of adding Workplace Search to the company's solution portfolio.

Historically we were a single product company, now we are multi-product. [We are focused on enterprise search for some of the world’s largest companies and are] building package search for mid-market companies with 500 to 10,000 employees, hosted and managed by Sinequa. Our goal is to provide out of the box, prebuilt experiences.

Sinequa has used Azure together with its proprietary technology for several years. In June, 2021, the company premiered Intelligent Enterprise Search. The company sees data as vital to business processes and has implemented natural language processing to search data within organizations, as well as developing over 200 connectors for common databases and apps. Sinequa is a preferred partner of Microsoft, with its offering available through Azure Marketplace.

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